Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Destination wedding!

A few weeks ago we were blessed to go to a destination wedding to beautiful McCall Idaho.  It was pristine. The lake, the Mountains, and the Resort.  The Bride and groom were gorgeous and so sweet.  Thank you Kate and Justin. The band was awesome.  The food was great. Our Lady of The Lake church was breathtaking.  We danced 'till our toes hurt and may have drank a wee bit much.:)  We walked down town and enjoyed the sites of small town America.  My kids loved every minute.  Yesterday, Annaliese says to me"The Shore Lodge was the bestest hotel I have ever been to."  I smiled and agreed and we talked about all the fun we had.  Thank you N's again for letting us be part of your very special and beautiful day. 

Here we go.

Okay, after becoming a bit of a blog junkie, I have decided to start one up.  Hope you enjoy.  New stuff very soon.   Crafty Mama