Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paradise.......yes please.

The Onion Farmer and I were in need of a getta-a-way badly.  But where to? 3 kids.....laundry......dishes....work...kids....it was time.  After years days of scouring the web, I settled on beautiful Kauai again.  I needed relaxation.  I needed me-time.  A place where I felt comfortable, but away from home.  Kauai was my calling to me and so I answered...............

Thanks to wonderful friends we left the kids home.  Boarded the plane.  And relaxed.  Eighty degrees and sunny.......ahhhhhhh.

 Our pool, it's so pretty.  We never actually swam here though.  It was across the road from our condo.  We preferred the ocean.

I truly love Kauai. 

Our resort had a beautiful garden, with cactus.  These mothers grow out of the flippi'n rock.  Crazy!
And they were MASSIVE!
Stay turned for more..........aloha.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I think I divorced my blog.

As I sit here.......I stare at my computer.....I think I divorced my blog.  In the beginning, I was a pretty good blogger,  every couple days I would check in, then outa no-where.....we split.  Somewhere between laundry.....soccer...laundry....dinner....laundry....school...girl scouts......laundry....we lost touch.  A small part of me fears rejection and negativity from others but I was reminded by a friend who heard from a friend (thank you Hydie) it's about my life.  It's my blog. I'm rekindling my blog-love...... I'm back baby!  More to come soon.

The Onion Farmers Wife

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I love books.......

Talking to my daughter, she asked why I like to read.  My reply:  " The amazing thing about books is every time you open a book you realize your on an adventure you never even knew you were on."

She paused, smiled and walked away.
I just finished up the Huger Games trilogy.  I give it 2 thumbs up.  I'm embarking on a new trilogy.....Inkheart.  Any one read them?
What was you childhood favorite?  Mine......"The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"  By C.S. Lewis.  My mother could probably recite it she has read it so many times.  My 9 year old is reading it now.......

So do tell what book have you read multiple times or what's your favorite childhood story????

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Island Park Adventures

A couple weeks ago we slipped away for a long weekend in Island Park.  It felt like winter there.  Magical and white.  The trees were covered, the house, the roads.  It was amazing!  I snapped this photo of Annaliese and Cam as they were being drug down the drive way on a tube ride.   These two......have a bond that is indescribable.  You can see it in this photo and I love that.  He adores her to say the least and she gets annoyed with him occasionally. But they truly love each other.   He loves to listen to her read, probably due to the fact she read to him every night while I was pregnant with him.  Annaliese is an incredible big sister and I'm thankful everyday for her.  She is the "big sister", the protector, and yes, the boss.  Or so she thinks most of the time.

 We went to West Yellowstone for the day.  While there went to a Bear and Wolf habitat.  Here are my little cubs in the bears lair.

 Hey there bobble heads! Cam fell asleep while riding the snowmobile with me.......zzzzzzz....

Have a Fabulous weekend!

The Onion Farmers Wife

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2 kids off to school

Little lady started school today.......a new school.  "Her sister's school" she will tell you.

How did this happen?

What seems like yesterday,  I was home with 2  giggly little girls playing tea and babies and school days seemed forever away, today it rung clear.....they are gone.  The days of impromptu weekday adventures is no more.  Schedule and routine resides here now.  It's a strange feeling knowing that 5 days a week they will both be gone, home after four for the dinner and the homework routine.  It's beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.......every parent wants their child to grow and become who God designed them to be.....but the letting go hurts.

She was all smiles and full of spirit as she left this morning.......I know this adventure shall be grand and I can't wait.....a tear for sadness and two for joy!  Let it begin!

Monday, December 12, 2011

An angel in McDonald's.......

5 years ago I sat in McDonald's with a very sick 6 month old and a busy 4 year old and cried......

I cried because an Angel gave me a Christmas gift in McDonald's.

My little Emma was very sick, in the Doctors office literally weekly.  We were strapped for cash.  Between Dr. bills, Insurance premiums,  and living expenses in general our budget was pretty tight.  4 years ago in December  I had taken Emma to the doctor, we stopped at McDonald's on the way home to grab a quick  bite.  In line a man stood next to me, to my guess he was in his 50ties.  He wore scuffed boots that had seen fields and many miles, he wore a button down western shirt and jeans. He was my guess a farmer.:)   He kindly smiled at me and commented on my cute baby.   I smiled and said "thank you", took our tray to the table and began handing food to my children.

The man walked up to my table as he was leaving, his lunch bag rolled in his rough hand....he then slid a one hundred dollar bill in front of me and said "Merry Christmas" and walked away.

I called after him in shock.  I said "Sir, I can't take this."  tears welling in my eyes.

He smiled and kindly pushed my hand back and said "Buy your kids some gifts with it and have a Merry Christmas."

He then walked outside and got in his old pick up and drove away as I stood shocked.

I will never forget him......He didn't know me....or my situation....he was my angel in McDonald's.   I think of that kind man every year at this time.

I felt the need to share this story because at this time of year we can all be someones angel.  In a world where sadness and evil is so voiced through media, we can be the change we want to see in the world.  I'm so thankful I have healthy children and we can pay the bills and still have some extra left over.....but for others, just like myself, 5 years ago, that's not the case. 

My challenge this holiday season to all of you is be someone's angel.  Weather it be your time, money, or simply donating used clothing and toys to local organizations.  Be someones angel.....and expect nothing in return, you will feel the true spirit of Christmas and teach your children a wonderful lesson.

I can't drop money in strangers laps yet, but this holiday...... random acts of kindness will be a gift I will give and I hope you do the same.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 years

I have been thinking about this post for a while now.  My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary November 16th, today.

Ten years ago.....I was a girl and he was boy.

Now.....we have changed.

He's a Father and I, a Mother...

I'm filled with different emotions when I think of the past ten years, the laughs, and tears, the triumphs, as well as falls, but most of all, the joy.  We have lost a Mother, been given three beautiful children, felt pain and desperation, and yet the most powerful love you can.  We ventured into parenthood without a handbook or a paddle.  And somehow have not damaged our children.  He is always there to listen when I need to "swak" or laugh or just sit quietly.  He's been my rock that's always there. 

I realize now that  marriage is like the ocean, constantly rising and falling.  Waves come and go everyday.  Sometimes he's a little hard to find when the tide rises as am I, as I guess in all marriages, but under the waves my rock will always be there.....I need to remember to enjoy the beauty that constant change brings and know the tide always goes out.  You just have to wait.

Thank you Mr. Tverdy for 10 years of wedded bliss! I look forward to 60 more! I cherish you.....and love you very much.