Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girl friends......

For these ladies......I am thankful.  The girls that love me for me and I for them.  The ones that forgive you for your flaws and laugh at your secrets.......Girlfriends.  The ones you call in times of need
and desperation, and sometimes even  when in a haze of  late night, new baby nights.  The ones you can go months with out talking to.....because life is busy and sometimes hard..... and start a conversation right where you left off.....the ones you call when something exciting happens, and babies take first steps.......amigas.

And this one,  I get to call sister and friend...........My shoulder to lean on and keeper of part of my soul.  We share a lifetime of secrets and smiles and inside jokes.  Nobody gets me like THIS Meme.  I shout out a "Yat-a-hay!"  just for her.
And of my Besties.  The cowgirl, the Momma, the wifey of beloved "Cowboy" as my children magically know him.  Thank you.  Your the best.

The point I make is girlfriends are wonderful and needed and I am so blessed with the many I have.  
I would go on for a week if I plastered all of your lovely faces on my blog.  I know I am blessed to have all my girlfriends, Amiga's, and heart sisters in my life so thank you to you all.

Love- Crystal