Friday, December 31, 2010


I dedicated myself to sewing a few days ago.  It was a lot of fun.  I completed 6 pillow cases, 3 bibs, 1 potholder, 4 napkins that look like Christmas trees, and 1 place mat all in 1 day.

I forgot how much fun sewing can be.  I really wanted to go to a new fabric store and knew my pile of unused fabric needed a purpose before I could justify buying more.

The Quilt Barn was awesome.  I stood in the entrance just taking it all in for a few minutes.:) I did come home with a bag of super cute fabric.  More projects to come.:)  Happy New Year! A blog that truly touches my heart and all should read  Kelle wrote "I am capable of so much. And I am excited at the opportunity of new challenges, more love..."  what a great message for the new year.  God Bless.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A "whoot...whoot" for walmart!

Christmas was amazing!  Magical when you have little ones.  Elves seem to sneak around stuffing your ears with magical dust while you sleep.  Between Santa, Mom, and the grandparents the 3 things that my girl really wanted came to be.  So thank you gma and Santa.:)

This is the HOly COW!!!!  face(I got what I wanted)

The family.

Okay-  Here is my shout out to Wally world!  I was there a couple days ago, walked by the fabric center and BAM!  There it was, this cute little apron material and pattern all for $2.22.

I picked up enough to make three.  I had to alter it a bit.  I put a back on it because I think it looks more finished and cute.  So total cost around $3.50!  Cute.  This is the first thing I have sewn in years besides a blanket or burp cloth.

Thanks Wally world for your cheap corprate material and a special "whoot"  to Mrs. Kinyon my home ec. teacher from back in the day.  With out you, I wouldn't have been able to do this.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last 2 days!!!!

What have I learned?  I hate blogging everyday! I love it when I don't have to do it.:)

Who am I?  Hmmmm......I'm a Mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, and so much more.  A lover of life and love.  I love to craft, teach, and laugh.  I love to cry with compassion and smile without fear.  I love God and his mysteries.  I love to learn and grow and hope that my children do the same.  I love silly things, fun things, and ice cream.  I am happy with the person I am.....and dammit I'm not changing.  I'm glad I did the blog challenge but I think I'll stick to weekly posts,:)

I was thinking today isn't it funny we convince our children Santa is real, the tooth fairy takes your tooth and leaves you money, and that the Easter bunny gives you chocolate yet, when they are scared of the dark or a monster we tell them "Don't be silly."  Just a thought.

Well Merry Christmas to all.  I hope Santa brings you what you want and God touches your heart this Christmas.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Days I have missed! 23-28 to be honest.

Day 23- What do you crave?    Duh.....chocolate!

Daty 24-  A letter to the rents-

Dear Mom and Dad,  Hi.  Just wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you have done for me.  Thank you again.  I love you both.  Crystal

Day 25-  What would you find in my bag?  a wallet, a check book, a real estate key, and chap stick.   Boring!  Oh well it's the truth.  One time I did find 3 pacifiers in my purse.  haha

Day 26-  What do I think about my friends?  I think I have been blessed with amazing friends.  I love them all.

Day 27-  Why are you doing this challenge?   I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!  What was I thinking?  It would be fun to make myself type everyday?  Well it has a little, but I think I will try just once a week to post after this.:)

Day 28-  Photo of last year and this.  Have you changed?

Ummm yeah.  I was way prego so be prepared for the photo.
Okay caught up......wheeew.....only two more days! 

Kids are out of school.....Christmas is close.  Life is good!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Contest Rules & Prizes « Dollar Tree Flair For Crafts Contest

Hey Friends- Please vote for me Dec. 17-28th.I would really love to win! I made this book for the project, my daughter helped paint it.  It's cute and way cheap to make.   Thank you.Contest Rules & Prizes « Dollar Tree Flair For Crafts Contest

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 21 and 22

Day 21- A photo of something that makes me happy.

Who can't smile when you look at Herby?

Day 22- What makes you unique?

Let's see.......hmmm...My sense of being.  I always want to make a diffrence in someone's life.  I say hello to strangers on the street,   I laugh a little to loud, sing a little off, and dance to the beat of my own drum.  And I'm happy with that.  I'm happy with person I have become.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 19- Nicknames

Day 19- Nicknames and why?

Chris- Duh.....short for Crystal.

Mom-  I have 3 kids.

Honey-I guess my hubby thinks I'm sweet.:)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Crafty-slash-decorating on a dime!

 The Bedroom cheap spruce up!

So my bedroom was kinda-blah!  So i have been crafting!  I love all things crafty, thrifty, cheap, and easy.
 I made the shelf.  Yep. Well,  Jay screwed it together for me. Thanks hunny.
Wood from Home Depot-$ 8.00
Spary paint-$3.00
The garland- I already had.

 Photo frames-$1.00 at the D.I.( I hit them with spray paint.)
Cute star-$1.00 at the big D.( still had the price tag on from Real Deals for $3.00)
Number 5-  Home depot clearance- $.05!!!!!  (So cute.We are a family of 5.)
Pillows- I made with fabric, I already had. FREE!!!! Well not really but you know what I mean.
Stuffing- $1.00

So my total cost of my project was- drum roll please-$14.05!!!!!!

Whoo hoo- pretty darn good.  P.s. my camera is dying so the date is off.  Darn thing!

Day15-18.....boy I'm behind!

Day 15-18

Day 15- First songs on your ipod?  That's easy, I'm old school.  I have no ipod.:)

Day 16- Photo of me.
Shooting rock chucks! girl.

Day 17-  Someone you would want to switch lives with for the day?
My Daughter......I would love to see things from her perspective.  I'm sure it would help me see why we get frustrated with each other sometimes.

Day 18-Plans, dreams, and goals?

Plans- Tonight is Christmas tree night.  We will put it up while watching Lampoons Christmas Vaca., drink some hot cocoa and laugh.  One of my very favorite pastimes.

Dreams-LOL.....most nights, I don't dream, I'm to tired.

Goals-As listed, fudge needs to be made and ate.  Gifts need to be wrapped. And list goes on.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 12 and 13

Day 12-

Why I blog?

Well, it's for all those who want to read it.  Like a letter to all, to get to know me better or laugh because they know me so well.  lol.....The person that inspired me to blog is my cousin Jake's wife Natalie.  I don't see them or talk to them in person as much as I would like, so to read her blog helps me feel connected to them.  I wanted that for me and other people.  Busy, busy, today.  Baby boy had shoots, I had errands to run, wheeew.

Day 13- 

A letter to someone whom has hurt you.

I have been dreading this one.
Dear person-who-shall stay-unnamed,

I don't understand what I did?  Why after 10 years are you still angry, resentful, and rude?  I have tried to make amends with you multiple times and failed.  This is my attempt to say "Hi.  Let's be friends again." letter.  Hope some day we can.