Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It doesn't really matter.

Today was a typical day in my life.....I ran.
I ran Annaliese to the bus at 7:20....missing it, pulling up behind it....(kiss my girl "Now Run!")
I ran home.....changed the babe.
I ran to the neighbor and stole an apple for Emma's school projects.
I attempted to run Emma to school to get 3 miles away and be reminded she forgot her hat for Homecoming week, it is in fact hat day.....turned around, got the hat, a second cup of coffee and made it to school......
to the post office.....and the store...return the steam cleaner......etc. .....did i mention I'm not done yet.

When I got home I started to actually feel bad about not having house that looks like a page out of the frikin' Beter Homes and Garden.  The check list pops in my head and I feel the stress of it.......laundry, dishes, canning to do, and yard work.

Know what?  It doesn't really matter....

All the time I  put all this stress on myself and It doesn't really matter.  In the end what matters is my kids are feed, bathed, happy,  healthy, and loved....period.  What matters is when they look back they  remember about the fun we had, the things we did.....the little things.  Like reading Dr. Suess books in the sun.

Making silly faces at the Fair......

They won't remember if the house was spotless....or the laundry put away.  Clean  floors and a load of laundry behind is good enough for me.  I will make sure they are clean, feed, and  loved....period.  And the rest really doesn't matter.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Magic Act

I saw magic today,  not the cheesy kind but true " gosh....magic."  It was all over my girlies face.

For the past year my Annaliese has adored a little group called The Band Perry....maybe you have heard of them.:)  They came to town.  We got to meet them...Annaliese, Emma, and I. They were so nice, a pure delight to meet.   I have a fabulous friend who is on the local fair board and he gave us his vip meet and greets......the moon toppled over Annie's head, her  little toothy smirk was perma-bound all night long.  I couldn't stop watching her.  She gleamed, she was so happy.  I'm still a little spellbound from the bliss of it all, that feeling of knowing your child is ecstatic, actually seeing it on their face and through their soul.  It was that Christmas morning feeling, or surprise birthday, or seeing Santa when you were a kid.  It was magic.

Watching my girls faces sparkle is a priceless memory I will forever hold in my heart, thank you, thank you Jim.  Thank you TBP for rocking my girl's world and giving us a whole lota magic.

Love- Crystal

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Winds of change.....

The past few days a new breeze has come.......Fall.  I welcome her with wide arms and a smile on my face.  As She is my favorite.  The cool days when you need a sweater, but not a coat.  The smells and sights, and the early nights of cocoa and blankies.  The nights when my hubby is home more often and the kids fall into their school routine.  Fall.  In all her beauty, her dying leaves of orange and reds.  Her soft smells of pumpkin pies and candy corn.  Her hopes of Friday night lights and waiting books to be read.  I love her.

The onions have been cut and I do miss the beautiful white blossoms, but with fall comes the promise of change, the one thing in life that is certain.  New clothes hang perfectly in the girls room for school is just a week away, soon the clothes will be stained, the backpacks torn, and yet that's part of the beauty of life.......we all change. 

Welcome Fall......I love you.  Crystal