Monday, December 12, 2011

An angel in McDonald's.......

5 years ago I sat in McDonald's with a very sick 6 month old and a busy 4 year old and cried......

I cried because an Angel gave me a Christmas gift in McDonald's.

My little Emma was very sick, in the Doctors office literally weekly.  We were strapped for cash.  Between Dr. bills, Insurance premiums,  and living expenses in general our budget was pretty tight.  4 years ago in December  I had taken Emma to the doctor, we stopped at McDonald's on the way home to grab a quick  bite.  In line a man stood next to me, to my guess he was in his 50ties.  He wore scuffed boots that had seen fields and many miles, he wore a button down western shirt and jeans. He was my guess a farmer.:)   He kindly smiled at me and commented on my cute baby.   I smiled and said "thank you", took our tray to the table and began handing food to my children.

The man walked up to my table as he was leaving, his lunch bag rolled in his rough hand....he then slid a one hundred dollar bill in front of me and said "Merry Christmas" and walked away.

I called after him in shock.  I said "Sir, I can't take this."  tears welling in my eyes.

He smiled and kindly pushed my hand back and said "Buy your kids some gifts with it and have a Merry Christmas."

He then walked outside and got in his old pick up and drove away as I stood shocked.

I will never forget him......He didn't know me....or my situation....he was my angel in McDonald's.   I think of that kind man every year at this time.

I felt the need to share this story because at this time of year we can all be someones angel.  In a world where sadness and evil is so voiced through media, we can be the change we want to see in the world.  I'm so thankful I have healthy children and we can pay the bills and still have some extra left over.....but for others, just like myself, 5 years ago, that's not the case. 

My challenge this holiday season to all of you is be someone's angel.  Weather it be your time, money, or simply donating used clothing and toys to local organizations.  Be someones angel.....and expect nothing in return, you will feel the true spirit of Christmas and teach your children a wonderful lesson.

I can't drop money in strangers laps yet, but this holiday...... random acts of kindness will be a gift I will give and I hope you do the same.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 years

I have been thinking about this post for a while now.  My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary November 16th, today.

Ten years ago.....I was a girl and he was boy.

Now.....we have changed.

He's a Father and I, a Mother...

I'm filled with different emotions when I think of the past ten years, the laughs, and tears, the triumphs, as well as falls, but most of all, the joy.  We have lost a Mother, been given three beautiful children, felt pain and desperation, and yet the most powerful love you can.  We ventured into parenthood without a handbook or a paddle.  And somehow have not damaged our children.  He is always there to listen when I need to "swak" or laugh or just sit quietly.  He's been my rock that's always there. 

I realize now that  marriage is like the ocean, constantly rising and falling.  Waves come and go everyday.  Sometimes he's a little hard to find when the tide rises as am I, as I guess in all marriages, but under the waves my rock will always be there.....I need to remember to enjoy the beauty that constant change brings and know the tide always goes out.  You just have to wait.

Thank you Mr. Tverdy for 10 years of wedded bliss! I look forward to 60 more! I cherish you.....and love you very much.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy day to you my child.......

I love that each year to blossom into your own a little more.
 Each year your heart becomes a little sweeter.
Each year you stretch a little taller.
Each year you change me and my Mommy handbook a little.
Each year .....I'm thankful your mine.  I love you sweet baby.

BTW-FYI- My computer wont let me turn this photo.  sorry

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It doesn't really matter.

Today was a typical day in my life.....I ran.
I ran Annaliese to the bus at 7:20....missing it, pulling up behind it....(kiss my girl "Now Run!")
I ran home.....changed the babe.
I ran to the neighbor and stole an apple for Emma's school projects.
I attempted to run Emma to school to get 3 miles away and be reminded she forgot her hat for Homecoming week, it is in fact hat day.....turned around, got the hat, a second cup of coffee and made it to school......
to the post office.....and the store...return the steam cleaner......etc. .....did i mention I'm not done yet.

When I got home I started to actually feel bad about not having house that looks like a page out of the frikin' Beter Homes and Garden.  The check list pops in my head and I feel the stress of it.......laundry, dishes, canning to do, and yard work.

Know what?  It doesn't really matter....

All the time I  put all this stress on myself and It doesn't really matter.  In the end what matters is my kids are feed, bathed, happy,  healthy, and loved....period.  What matters is when they look back they  remember about the fun we had, the things we did.....the little things.  Like reading Dr. Suess books in the sun.

Making silly faces at the Fair......

They won't remember if the house was spotless....or the laundry put away.  Clean  floors and a load of laundry behind is good enough for me.  I will make sure they are clean, feed, and  loved....period.  And the rest really doesn't matter.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Magic Act

I saw magic today,  not the cheesy kind but true " gosh....magic."  It was all over my girlies face.

For the past year my Annaliese has adored a little group called The Band Perry....maybe you have heard of them.:)  They came to town.  We got to meet them...Annaliese, Emma, and I. They were so nice, a pure delight to meet.   I have a fabulous friend who is on the local fair board and he gave us his vip meet and greets......the moon toppled over Annie's head, her  little toothy smirk was perma-bound all night long.  I couldn't stop watching her.  She gleamed, she was so happy.  I'm still a little spellbound from the bliss of it all, that feeling of knowing your child is ecstatic, actually seeing it on their face and through their soul.  It was that Christmas morning feeling, or surprise birthday, or seeing Santa when you were a kid.  It was magic.

Watching my girls faces sparkle is a priceless memory I will forever hold in my heart, thank you, thank you Jim.  Thank you TBP for rocking my girl's world and giving us a whole lota magic.

Love- Crystal

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Winds of change.....

The past few days a new breeze has come.......Fall.  I welcome her with wide arms and a smile on my face.  As She is my favorite.  The cool days when you need a sweater, but not a coat.  The smells and sights, and the early nights of cocoa and blankies.  The nights when my hubby is home more often and the kids fall into their school routine.  Fall.  In all her beauty, her dying leaves of orange and reds.  Her soft smells of pumpkin pies and candy corn.  Her hopes of Friday night lights and waiting books to be read.  I love her.

The onions have been cut and I do miss the beautiful white blossoms, but with fall comes the promise of change, the one thing in life that is certain.  New clothes hang perfectly in the girls room for school is just a week away, soon the clothes will be stained, the backpacks torn, and yet that's part of the beauty of life.......we all change. 

Welcome Fall......I love you.  Crystal

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girl friends......

For these ladies......I am thankful.  The girls that love me for me and I for them.  The ones that forgive you for your flaws and laugh at your secrets.......Girlfriends.  The ones you call in times of need
and desperation, and sometimes even  when in a haze of  late night, new baby nights.  The ones you can go months with out talking to.....because life is busy and sometimes hard..... and start a conversation right where you left off.....the ones you call when something exciting happens, and babies take first steps.......amigas.

And this one,  I get to call sister and friend...........My shoulder to lean on and keeper of part of my soul.  We share a lifetime of secrets and smiles and inside jokes.  Nobody gets me like THIS Meme.  I shout out a "Yat-a-hay!"  just for her.
And of my Besties.  The cowgirl, the Momma, the wifey of beloved "Cowboy" as my children magically know him.  Thank you.  Your the best.

The point I make is girlfriends are wonderful and needed and I am so blessed with the many I have.  
I would go on for a week if I plastered all of your lovely faces on my blog.  I know I am blessed to have all my girlfriends, Amiga's, and heart sisters in my life so thank you to you all.

Love- Crystal

Monday, January 24, 2011


First off.....Go Pack Go!!!!!!  Our household is a buzz with excitement that the Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl.  Yeah!  Go team!  My inner-cheerleader just did a toe touch.:)

Next- I have been busy with lots of sewing projects. 
 My Quilt Barn material......(I heart it).  I made this set for Baby H. 
 And Girly-bib sets because we are in the baby-era, all of our friends seem to be having wee-ones as well.:)
Dinner is about done and I have 3 munchkins to tead....tahtah.