Thursday, February 16, 2012

Island Park Adventures

A couple weeks ago we slipped away for a long weekend in Island Park.  It felt like winter there.  Magical and white.  The trees were covered, the house, the roads.  It was amazing!  I snapped this photo of Annaliese and Cam as they were being drug down the drive way on a tube ride.   These two......have a bond that is indescribable.  You can see it in this photo and I love that.  He adores her to say the least and she gets annoyed with him occasionally. But they truly love each other.   He loves to listen to her read, probably due to the fact she read to him every night while I was pregnant with him.  Annaliese is an incredible big sister and I'm thankful everyday for her.  She is the "big sister", the protector, and yes, the boss.  Or so she thinks most of the time.

 We went to West Yellowstone for the day.  While there went to a Bear and Wolf habitat.  Here are my little cubs in the bears lair.

 Hey there bobble heads! Cam fell asleep while riding the snowmobile with me.......zzzzzzz....

Have a Fabulous weekend!

The Onion Farmers Wife